Energy storage with hydrogen gas

Sweden and the world today need to switch from fossil dependence to a sustainable and long-term way of producing and supplying energy in order to reduce the global warming of the planet. In this conversion, many different solutions and many different skills will be required to cope with this.

Energy storage will increasingly be a growing challenge to deal with as a larger and larger share of energy production comes from varying sources such as solar and wind power. The challenge is to be able to store energy as production exceeds the need to then use this when it is needed.

This is where hydrogen plays a part. By extracting hydrogen through electrolysis, electricity is converted to hydrogen and then stored in tanks to be used for other occasions or needs.

Advantages of energy storage in hydrogen compared to other methods are the high energy density of the hydrogen molecule, no carbon dioxide emissions when hydrogen are used or produced from wind or solar power. It is also a well-known and proven technique with water as the only residual product when hydrogen reacts with oxygen.

There are today many different uses for hydrogen as for example

  • Refineries
  • Chemical industry
    • Production of ammonia, methanol hydrogen peroxide, polymers and solvents, inter alia
  • The space industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Welding

In the transition to a fossil-free society, hydrogen also has potential for the following uses

  • Boilers
  • Oxygen gas as a byproduct of electrolysis
  • Biogas processing / Anaerobic digestion
  • Metallurgical applications – Steel production without coal
  • Energy carrier:
    • Transport (HRS) – hydrogen as a vehicle fuel
    • Offgrid concept
    • Energy Storage / Power to Gas

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