Our history

How it started

GreenExergy was founded in 2009, but it started well before that. GreenExergy is a joint venture between Skellefteå Kraft and Outotec together with Nordtherm, Sparbankstiftelesen Norrland’s venture capital foundation and GreenGold Investment Group. The intent was to utilize and develop the knowledge Skellefteå Kraft had accrued in the field of bioenergy. The following year GreenExergy reinforced the staff by taking over Epsilon in Skellefteå. The purpose of this was to secure key skills in the field of bioenergy among others and to develop the business in this and adjacent fields.
Since then the company has finished several successful projects, both for the owners and for other customers. The profile on the energy sector with bioenergy and hydropower, as well as process industry has become even more apparent. The desire to develop has grown, and we are still that young, curious and easy to work with company.
The next chapter of GreenExergy is not written by us alone, but together with our customers in close and trustful collaborations. If you and your company also would like to work with a young, exciting and easy to work with company, contact us! We are easy to reach and easy to talk to. Welcome!

Brief Facts

  • GreenExergy was founded in 2009 and has technology sales in bioenergy as primary focus. The main owner in the company is Outotec and Skellefteå Kraft and the office is situated in Skellefteå.
  • Epsilon in Skellefteå was acquired in 2010. The staff and earlier project basis was included with purchase. Two senior consultants which had earlier been involved in the company came over to the new office and have continued to work with GreenExergy.
  • The business focuses on the European market in bioenergy but GreenExergy works largely in Sweden in consultancy concerning construction and project management, where the hydro power sector is also included.