Hydro Power

Since hydro power is one of the energy sources of tomorrow, it was a natural progression to expand the workforce during 2015  and extend the work in the energy sector.

We have accumulated several years of experience in our ranks, everything from the basics of hydro power mechanics to project management in construction and renovation.

GreenExergy provides technical specifications and procurement support for the client as well as investigating potential investments. To further support our clients in the projects we offer services in CE-marking, documentation, contractual issues in technology and economics, and can also represent clients in tests. For smaller plants we can also assist with the design, which we have experience from in other projects.

Currently four of our work force is active within hydro power, one of whom is a senior consultant. This gives us a huge bank of knowledge with great local knowledge and experience in the industry, not least, together with our partners.

Previous experience include project manager, assisting project manager, technical support, documentation, CE marking and investigation.

As a reference, we also have a development project with climate-smart solutions such as water-lubricated bearings, water hydraulics as well as the opportunity for migratory fish to pass. Read more in our references!

For more information please download our brochure here (in Swedish).

We are involved from the beginning to the end. – Building Green Energy.