Hydropower in the north of Sweden

Profitable Hydropower in the north of Sweden

Green Exergy concept is to create added value through qualified and innovative technical consulting services in the energy and process industry. Not least when it comes to hydropower.

We have four experts working hydropower projects in our staff and together with our local and regional experienced partners, we can provide your project with extended knowledge in order to achieve an effective and profitable performance.

We have gradually expanded our expertise and gained experience in the energy and process field, making our know-how sought after in new projects as well as upgrading and reinvestement of existing stations.

We now proudly present our new Hydropower leaflet!

Check out the link for more info (in Swedish) or contact us here:

Green Exergy – Vattenkraft folder

Green Exergy - Stator Green Exergy - discharge ring

StreamDiver snett framifrån e1453715565704 Green Exergy - Montage Bruksfors Panorama

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