Sustainable transport in Skellefteå

Green Exergy has started a new project within sustainable transport in Skellefteå. The project comprises the development of a strategy for implementation and use of renewable and sustainable routines for transportation and fossil free fuels.

The Swedish government has established that Sweden shall have a fleet of vehicles which runs on fossil free fuels in 2030. Furthermore, according to the government’s proposal, Sweden will have a renewable and effective energy supply, free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The climate goal for road traffic implies that infrastructure, vehicles and energy supplies will adapt to a fossil free transport system.

Green Exergy has a wide experience and specific competence in fossil free fuels and works actively monitoring the latest developments within Biogas, Electrical Vehicles (EV), Hydrogen and Hydrogen Fuel cells vehicles (FCEV). This makes us an important stakeholder to make our region a leader in the transition into a fossil free transport system.



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